The first thing we have to know is that each hair is a different world, that not every product we buy will not have the same effect on our hair, no matter how expensive it is.

Also the type of hair is one of the drawbacks that make the product not act the same. We would all like to have silky hair, radiant like the ads for "PANTENE".

Another factor that we have to pay attention to is the ingredients, although many of them we don't know what they mean, but it is something important.

For example, many shampoos contain sulfates, for those who do not know what it is. Sulfates are surfactants that act as a detergent, in short it is the agent that makes a lot of foam appear when we wash our hair.

Some of those Sulfates are:

(SLSA) Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, (SLS) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, (SCS) Sodium Coco Sulfate and etc.

I do not recommend using them since they act as "detergents" so the scalp has its own oil that creates then what these sulfates do is eliminate "all" the grease, dirt, sweat. For this reason, complications appear in the hair such as dryness, scalp irritation. Then ALERT to what I say.

I do not mean that they are bad or that you eliminate them from your life, because I am the first to use them. These are super good for shower soap.

And to recover hair then:

1use hair masks especially those with dry hair(doesn't matter if you buy it or do it at home. In case on buy it check that are the same brand as the shampoo )

2Rinse hair with cold water to seal hair cuticle

2 Use Oils (watch out for this because it does not matter if you have dry or oily hair, it is super important to add it to your hair)

3 Avoid washing your hair every day if is not necessary

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