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Many women like to feel safe with his body and take care of them. That's why you are here for I explained to you in my experience what kind of steps you have to do for have a shine skin and no make mistakes that you do in your body without know it.

When you buy a scrub is so important to know what ingredients they are inside and which is your preference for you because not all exfoliation have the same thing and the same benefits.Not only this there are some women that doesn't know how steps for put the scrub and that's is not a problem because i was have the same problem at my teenager. But the first you have to know is why is so important to exfoliate. 


According to the Dr. María José Ubillos scrub the body helps to skin can be shy and in the same time we are going to improve the texture of the skin.With that the skin tone will be uniform. If we like to make up when we exfoliate the makeup can penetrant better in the skin.And improve the appearance of the pores. This we have to do it 1( dry skin) or 2 & 3 times for week. 

Now we know the importance reason for do it. But not only that we have understand how.


Before when I  was young i did not how to do it, before enter in the shower and first I was doing is exfoliate but this is wrong

The first thing we have to do is take a normal shower with hot water for open the pores and then you can exfoliante also when you finish to exfoliate is necessary you take a cold water for close the pores ( but you can not put in sensible parts of body like tits, vagina) . Finally hidratate your skin with your cream.

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